Young Living: The Best Essential Oils on the Planet


We LOVE our Young Living Essential Oils, and we're excited to share them with you! Young Living owns farms all over the world to bring the best of botanical medicine to you and your family. They are wonderful for supporting the immune system, providing relief from aches and pains, peaceful sleeping, skincare and more!

Unsure how to use them? No problem! We provide education and support for safe and effective use of these oils. Email to join our private education group or get personalized support.

Each Young Living Premium Starter Kit comes with a set of 11 oils and a diffuser of your choice. The price of your kit depends on the diffuser you choose. This is an AMAZING collection of oils for family wellness. Purchasing a kit comes with a wholesale membership for you to use anytime you like, for 24% off retail pricing.

Premium Starter Kit - Perfect for Families




  1. Get Started!

    Get your Premium Starter Kit HERE. The Premium Starter Kits come with the same set of 11 oils, and the diffuser of your choice. 

  2. Account Type

    Choose your account type: MEMBER or RETAIL (we highly recommend MEMBER). As a MEMBER, you will save 24% off retail pricing (similar to a wholesale Costco Membership). You don't need to ever buy anything again.  There is no monthly commitment. Ever - promise! Your wholesale membership stays active with a 50PV/year purchase (generally $50). Your kit covers the first year. There are never any membership fees. With a RETAIL account, you will pay full price. Kits are not available on retail accounts.

  3. Diffuser

    Choose the diffuser for your PSK (see options above).

  4. Keep It Coming

    There is an option to select a monthly delivery which is called Essential Rewards (Young Living's loyalty rewards program). This is optional. If you do choose to do this, you will receive discounted shipping, credits for free oils, and other perks. You may change your order items and your order date each month. If you would not like to join, simply do not select it.

  5. Checkout

    Checkout by hitting the NEXT button, or if you want to add any products to your order, you can select the ADD ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS button. A pop-up may appear to confirm this selection.

  6. Details, and Social?

    Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info. You are no longer required to enter a social security number. If you choose to do the business side of Young Living, then you will need to provide tax information. Doing the business side of oils is never required. However, if you choose to refer people to YL you may be compensated. Rest assured, we will NEVER pressure you to do the business, and we have many families that use YL for personal use only.

  7. Lock It Down

    Create your password and PIN (4 digit number you choose). Store them to access your wholesale discount. Note you can share your PIN to allow me to help you with orders if necessary.

  8. Ship It

    Select your shipping method.

  9. Double Check

    Review your information, check out and anxiously await your oils to arrive at your doorstep. It’s worth the wait! Additionally, signing up here means you will automatically get a WELCOME PACKAGE from us, full of goodies to go with your kit.

  10. Join Up

    Join our oil education group, The Wellness Academy, for tips and tricks, recipes and more. It's an incredible community to ask questions or search for info.



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